I am thinking that everyone has likes and dislikes. I thought I would share some of those with you in hopes you get a better idea of what I am like.  So here it goes.


1. Honesty

2. Loyalty

3. Being Real

4. Being a Mom (you might also find this under dislikes…lol)

5. Peacefulness-if only for a little bit.

6. Optimism

7. Laughter, Clean jokes

8. My husband

9. My Children

10. My Pets when they are behaving.

11. When life is busy-but not so busy that it stresses me out.

12. Positive Thinking


1. Fake-ness

2. Cheaters or Dishonesty

3. Negativism

4. Mushy Bread (thought I would throw that one in).

5. Disrespect from children or anyone for that matter.

6. How our world is so full of what Britney is doing or Lindsy Lohan is not doing or Paris Hilton did-get the picture? Maybe if we as a world didn’t care what they were doing-the press would lose interest.

7. Old news being rehashed for the 7th year in a row-(nothing against Princess Diana)-but who really knows what her plans were or what she was thinking that terrible night? do we really have to go that low than to keep disrespecting the dead?

8. Repeats-unless I missed them…lol kinda a catch 22 on that one.

9. News that interrupts what I am currently watching-especially if I taped it-and the DVR didn’t know this news was going to interrupt my show.

10. Parents that don’t value their daycare provider.

11. Shopping for comfortable shoes or bras….lol….

12. People (namely politician that trash others) for their own gain.

Ok there are many more likes and dislikes that I have but I think a dozen of each is a nice even-ness for now. Feel free to comment or mention some of your own.


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