Taxes, Weather and the pursuit of calmness

Is there any such thing as calmness? Right at this moment and time I am trying to do our taxes, (for 2 self employed businesses). I stayed up until 1 a.m. last night-my shoulders up to the top of my neck trying to figure out all of our spending-as when your husband does daycare-you can claim things that normally you wouldn’t claim. The daycare kids food; your own food-that you can’t claim-but how do you decide if they ate all of the nuggets you bought or your own kids? And with all the deductions and expenses you feel like your head is swimming in a cloud of receipts. After looking at them all I swear we must have stock in Walmart.  Then we put a purchase offer in on a house-that I keep thinking-is this the right house? How do you know if it is the right house? Will it be big enough for 3 growing kids, 5 dogs, and us? Plus daycare-I am starting to think any house big enough we wouldn’t be able to afford…That in itself makes me want to throw up….Then the weather first it snows, then it rains, then it ices and this morning went from a 2 hour delay to no school at all….which was great-I was able to sleep in a bit after being up until 1 am. laboring over the vast amount of receipts…Then to top it all off today was a Dr appt for my 13 year old that is having ‘boy’ issues…a problem that arose 4 years ago when we were told he had 2 undescended testicles…which we got taken care of after 2 surgeries. But after 1 month and 3 week wait for this appt-we aren’t any farther as now he needs blood work and such. He hates needles-so I am glad that my husband will be taking him…phew!

So on the personal side that is what is going on with me. My husband is feeling much better-I am so glad-and I am feeling just about back to myself. Which is great as the orders keep coming in. So that is what I will be doing all day tomorrow!

So I will write more as more things arrive. Which lately seems to be everytime I turn around. 🙂


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