Its the Weekend

Well I hope everyone has had a great week. It has been a little crazy here-our weather has been icy, rainy, cold and windy. Then we ended the week with another snow day-well ice day and at this point and time (11pm) it is still raining. But I guess that is February in New York for you.  I have been busily processing candle orders, packing orders which is a great way to keep busy. I updated the Just Doodlin Around page on my web site. Just doodlin Around is a great free advertising opportunity. If you want to check into it just go to and there you can find out the information. Or you can go to my site and under the “just doodlin around” tab there is the information and what your page would look like  if you joined-but with your own background.

I haven’t watched much TV this week as with this writer’s strike seems that a lot of the shows we watch during our lunch time are repeats. We use our DVR to tape the shows we enjoy and then each day for 45 minutes we watch one-it is my husband’s and my “time” together as long as the daycare kids are sleeping. Our favorites are Criminal Minds, the CSI’s, the Law and Orders (well SVU and the regular one). We also enjoy Medium. I have gotten into October Road-which is one I watch if I can catch it-as I think it is more of a “girl” show. I really enjoy Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy but they haven’t been on lately. Speaking of TV the other day we watched a Dr. Phil about the “baggy pants issue”. I feel that Dr. Phil handled it well-but I think, and this is my opinion, that things like that don’t deserve ordinances and laws. If we are going to have laws on how people dress then where does it end? If you want more information on that episode go to and it would be under the “Pull them Up” Episode.

This post has somewhat become a hodge pod of different topics. It has to be getting close to bed time as all the dogs are snoring and I think I can even hear my husband in the living room. He gets up at 4a.m every day as usually daycare kids start showing up at 7a.m. This morning he was busily cleaning off the driveway as the ice/and sleet was unreal. No one showed up-but it enabled our son to get down it later and the postman to get up it.

Well I guess I will end this for the night and write more this weekend. Hopefully I have some better things to talk about. 🙂

I hope anyone reading this has a great weekend. Don’t forget to visit my sites- , and if you are looking for a place to post your banner for free you can go to my Top 100 site and help me get to 100 people on it by posting your banner ; the address is . We’d love to have you. If you are a retail country store looking for affordable country staples just request wholesale information on our retail site-and I will be sure to get you that information. Have a great night!


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