Simpler Times


I have done a lot of thinking this past weekend on Simpler Times. The new site opened through DJdoodle and while looking at all of the extreme prim and primitives got me thinking about that period of time.  Its kind of a thought of what would have it been like to live during that time? No TV, Radio, let alone the internet. The simple dolls with no faces, the beautiful homespun bonnets that adorned the little girls, teenagers and mother’s heads. Beautiful dresses that were for everyday use. Family times around the kitchen table by candle light, simple toys (not our fancy electronic gadgets). I know they didn’t miss what we have now as at that point in time they didn’t fathom that it could be possible. Could you imagine waking up one morning and being back to that time period? I often think of Little House on the Praire-and wonder “would that life be easier”? No purchasing loads of school supplies, backpacks or lunch boxes. A slate, chalk and a little bucket was all they needed to go to school-oh and maybe the “Reader” that helped them learn. Kids really appreciated 1 gift for Christmas or  their birthday and didn’t ask everytime they went to the store-“can I get a toy?” Where as these days a lot of our daycare kids just can’t wait to go to Walmart to get a toy or treat.

I think sometimes we long to go back to that simpler time-looking for antiques or old, weathered looking items. So our country, primitive or extreme primitives items are so special and so wanted. Oh I know there are people that don’t care for that type of look or items-but I think by the looks of the craft/prim community there are many out there that do. Looking at all of the primitive, extreme primitive items just made me want to go back-even if for a little while to experience that “Simpler Time”.

How about you?

Check out the Lemon Poppy Seeds group, I think you will see exactly what I am talking about.


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  1. I agree with you! While I love having a computer and the internet, I often think about the simpler times and how the work was much harder but the rewards were even greater. I would love to be able to raise my children like that. Thank you for posting this! Crystal

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