Where does time go?

I can’t believe that over a week has went by since my last post. But I have to say my customers are keeping me busy. Thank You! This week I have added new scents to the line up. I have added Freesia, Fresh Linen, Georgia Peach, Peach Melba, Raspberry Sorbet, Hot Orange Danish and Strawberry Jam. I, like many are tired of the cold and the snow/rain/ice-so I thought adding some Spring/Summer scents might be the way to go. I also added a new scent to the lotion choices. It is called Petal Sprinkles-so I think I have finally hit 25 scents in my lotions/bar soaps/body mists. I like people to have a lot of choices as what some like, others may be looking for something different. Since I took over I haven’t had a peach scent on the site-so I thought it was time.

I have joined yet another place that will promote my site in return for me looking at others. There is a link on the right side- called TrafficSwarm. They have some neat sites to look at and it doesn’t seem to take long to build up some credits. I feel anywhere that someone sees my site is one more place. Numbers can be everything-so it is good to get your site showing anywhere that is possible.

I have been busy this week researching doll patterns-as we already have a few from a great web site- Denni Doodles- http://www.ezshoppes.com/shoppe/?sid=DenniDoodles . Her site is worth looking into if you enjoy different types of Raggedy Dolls. I couldn’t believe the amount of places out there that offer fabric, some consider their pricing wholesale-where as I can’t imagine paying what they want for it. Maybe I am not “fabric” savy… but I am learning-and that is the great part of research-the more you look into things the more that you learn.

I am also going to start posting other people’s blog links on my site-beyond what I already have-as there are ALOT of interesting blogs out there. Stay tuned-I will try/plan to write more often to keep you up to date with what is going on in my/our life-and will post some pictures when I have a chance.


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