Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

Mondays are not the easiest day of the week as it is…but this Monday was one that I do not care to repeat. My oldest woke up with a very sore throat so I figured I better get him to the Doctor-to rule out Strep. They were able to get him in at 9am…although by then he didn’t want to get back up-but I had other things I had to do after his appointment so I prodded him to “get outta bed”. The doctor did a strep test-negative-which is what I wanted but to put him on over the counter meds and have him get some rest. Then off to Walmart after I dropped him back home. That morning I had went to get a cup of coffee-and it was cold. How is it that appliances do not last like they used to. Ofcourse we have had it for probably 2 years-so after 2 or more pots a day-it was bound to give out or give up-not sure which. So off to Walmart to get a coffee pot; some store supplies, and groceries or some…..between the 38 pound dog food bag a box of bubble wrap my cart was full….I was able to get the same coffee pot which was $10 off the normal price-so we are now back to enjoying good coffee-I think our old one had a lot of build up in it as now it is tasting alot better.

I have been struggling with a sore throat Sunday-then Monday was the stuffy nose-I despise being sick or not feeling good. Well back to leaving Walmart-I came outside to unload my purchases and smelled strong gas. I thought it might be coming from the van-so I called my husband and asked him to check and make sure there was no leakage where the van normally sits.-He said no. So I came home; unloaded my groceries…and off to get Ethan for his MRI at 12:30. The hospital was packed-as we had to sit in the ER area to wait for the MRI people. I hadn’t told Ethan he would have to probably have an IV for the contrast-he does NOT like needles. So I told him-and maybe cause he is now almost 14 he was able to handle the thought of it better. His appointment was at 12:30-didn’t get in until 1-and then he didn’t come out until 1:50. My daughter had to be picked up at 2:24 from school. So when we came out-again I smelled gas. I called my husband and said-this van is leaking gas somewhere…I was kinda nervous that it might catch on fire or something. He called back and said the local body shop said to stop down on our way through-so when we did Tom said-uh you can’t drive it as it is drip, drip, dripping….luckily he was able to get it in. So there Ethan and I stood on the corner…my cell phone had died….figures. Luckily Ethan had his-we called Rog, but he couldn’t come get us due to having daycare kids. (Oh did I mention the 2 new daycare kids?) They got there after the Walmart trip -screaming, screaming….it was awful…I wanted to cry-they are almost 2 and 3 and brothers. Cute as could be but with lungs bigger than any kid who has ever graced our daycare. So finally I had Aaron come down and get us….we got back home-Rog left to go get Abbey-well he was a few minutes late. Abbey panicked and got a ride home from a friends Mom….So he is downtown and she is running across the upper house lawn…crying. Could this day get any better?

Well the bill at Smalley’s ended up being under $50, that was a good thing-and now I am able to drive Abbey to her Drs appt today which is a half an hour away and it is snowing….ALOT…

I ended the day by watching “A Raisin in the Sun”. I read this book in highschool and really enjoyed it. Well the movie was even better-and it reminded me that we need to be thankful for each day; whether it is a good one or a bad one. We need to have pride in ourselves and when we are down or someone we love is down-we need to build them back up. People need to feel worth-and have PRIDE. I know that doesn’t really have to do with how my day went-but it was a gentle reminder to be Thankful for what we do have. Whether it be a strong family of love, or a house that may not be what we wish we had right now-but it is a roof over our heads. There are so many things to be Thankful for-sometimes it is just taking a step back and being Thankful. Now off to yet another Drs appt. Yet I am Thankful I have my kids to take to the Drs….I am Thankful for my husband, and I am Thankful for a busy business….


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