Happy St. Patricks Day


Top of the mornin’ to you. Or at least that is what I think Irish people say. I should know as there is a part of me that is Irish. My maiden name was Ryan and quite a ways back we were once O’Ryan. I even have a child-my oldest that was born on St. Patrick’s day 17 years ago. We named him Aaron-and if he had been a girl Erin. I can’t believe it has been 17 years since I had my oldest. Where does time go? He says he doesn’t care it is his birthday-but I think somewheres deep down he does. He is a typical boy, and has never liked much attention when it came to birthdays or accomplishments. I remember when he was in Kindergarten and we did his birthday at school. I had made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. While we were handing them out to all of his classmates he whispered in my ear-“we are NEVER doing this again” I don’t want to wear a crown-I don’t even want everyone to wish me a Happy Birthday. Well to make a long story short, we NEVER did his birthday at school again. Every year in Elementary school the teachers would send home the note-please decide what day you want to do Aaron’s birthday, and I would write or email back-Aaron does not wish to celebrate his birthday at school-Thank you. Last year was his 16th birthday which fell on a Saturday-so on that Monday we went down and got his permit-I was very proud to share that moment with him-now 1 year later he is licensed and has done a great job with his driving.

I am starting to dislike Mondays-seems anything that could go wrong goes wrong. First my son’s truck is acting up-so that goes to the garage at 3. My husband was called to jury duty-which he might not even get picked but he is a self-employed daycare provider-and with going to get kids from school it usually takes 2 of us to do it. Then to top it off one of our parents needs him tomorrow and wednesday-seems jury duty would realize he is self-employed and just can’t take a whole week off-when there are people that can take personal time or whatever. There, that is my rant.

Well I got Aaron’s cake made-and the house is so quiet-I am not quite sure what to do with myself…I am sure there is something to do with my business that I can do to make the time go by….until school is out and the kids come home-or Rog..whichever is sooner.

I have added some new items to the web site. A new doll, some new dipped tapers…take a minute to look at them if you have a second. One can be found on the Raggedy Seams tag and the other under Grubbies.

Have a great St. Patricks Day-and I hope you don’t get pinched.


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