Traffic Surfs

You have probably been around on the internet enough to know about Traffic Surfing OR maybe you haven’t. I have spoken before about The Cinnamon Hollow . This is a great place for crafters to get their site seen and with like any surf you have to look at other’s sites in order for yours to be seen.

 But if you are looking for an extra avenue or so; there are quite a few out there worth checking out. For instance at Traffic Bunnies the theme is all set in what else? Bunnies. The owner makes it fun by giving “gifts” at 100% (after you have looked at so many sites) and the icons to click are a top hat, carrot etc. If you are interested in at least checking it out you can go to: . It is free to join or you can pay for an account that offers more hits without as much surfing.

Then another one of my favorites is Traffic Splash-this is all done in the dolphins theme, again you can join for free and there are “prizes” for so many pages you view. But better than that-it is another avenue for your site to get looked at . Again-you can surf for free or if you choose you can sign up as a paid member.

If the ocean isn’t for you, maybe you would enjoy a safari theme. Hits Safari is a nice place to surf and it isn’t too costly if you decide you want to become a paid member. Paula Zuehlke is the owner and she is welcoming. To check this surf place just go to .

And for now lastly there is Traffic Wonderland. They are a newer traffic exchange but growing by leaps and bounds. You can go to .

Just remember no one expects or thinks you can surf each place everyday-but you will be surprised how many people will be able to view your site and more people means more chances of being found.

My favorite ofcourse is The Cinnamon Hollow-especially when people are in the chat part of the surf-they are warm and friendly. If you decide to stop in to any of these places you will be glad you did.

Also-Rome wasn’t built in one day-so you can’t expect your business to be…Good luck and Happy Surfing….



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