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A Great Place to Network

Recently I was invited to join Divapreneurs. Now those that know me may have thought of my first question to myself…”Am I a diva?”…well I don’t look at myself as a “diva” but at Divapreneur I am learning that there is a bit of diva hid inside myself-just more are able to show it than others.

Sometimes I think we forget what we are striving to accomplish. Where we want our business to go…or even who we should network with. I believe that it is important to network with people in your niche. In this case it is other women who have their own businesses. Whether they are stay at home Mom’s wanting to bring in some extra to help with the household finances, or a woman wanting to take their talents and put them out there or both. I have already met some incredible women-and it has only been a week.

The people at Divapreneur are friendly, caring, helpful and insightful. There is a wealth of information to be learned on this site and from these wonderful, wonderful women. They are uplifting and just plain there to make you feel like one of them.

When building your business it is very important to network and market. You just never know who is going to see your products or have an idea that you didn’t think of. I was invited to join Divapreneurs by Debbie from Snowberry Creek (they are a sample box place that gets your products out to other people wanting to try products from different businesses)- you can check them out at . If you are a woman who is in business for herself (diva-preneur) then I would love to invite you to a great network of women…just leave a comment or email me ( and I would love to send you an invite.

I love what I do and want to share the places that I have found that are making my journey a little bit easier along the way.  Have a great weekend, and a great night.


A follow up to: Do I know someone in Singapore….

Just incase anyone happened to read my latest post-I wanted you to know I figured out at least where the person “used” my debit card. They used it to purchase something through Asia GIS which looks to be a cell phone company. Currently my bank is investigating it-and the almost $99 has been returned to my account while it is being investigated.  I will most likely never know who got a hold of my information or where they happened upon it-hacked up on it. But for now-I am happy that they won’t be able to use that card again. I am also feeling very lucky that that is all they used before it was caught.

This is why I support the “online” banking options-I am able to watch my account-if I hadn’t been able to do that I wouldn’t have seen that these 2 (well 4 with the exchange rates added on) had actually been taken out of my account-where as my bank said they wouldn’t be. Ok, so they didn’t realize they would. But if I didn’t daily check my account-I wouldn’t have noticed that I was going to be $99 short.

It is very very important when people call and contact you and want your account information that you just tell them you will call your institution the next day. Now a days we can’t trust anyone over the phone-or an email for instance. I received an email today saying I needed to verify my account from some bank. I figured if it was legitimate and I didn’t answer it-they would either snail mail me-or call. There are smart people out there just waiting to get their hands on your “credit” as it isn’t the money they are necessarily interested in-it is your name, your identity.

Also another “scam” that you might be receiving through email is the “I have a million dollars that I am holding in an account” type letter-some person has supposedly been left incharge of a large estate and are willing to share it with you if you email them like all of your information. Although it would be a cool thing to get a lot of money for doing nothing-there isn’t any money…lol…they want your information.

So I apologize that I have went off on a tangent-but I want you to protect yourself from scams, and people out to take your information and use it for their own. As far as my debit card goes I don’t feel I did anything wrong-but now I am not going to make the mistake of giving someone too much information-especially when it can happen to you without you even trying. I figure there is only room in the world for 1 of me….

Good night and don’t share with just anyone-regardless of what you were taught while you were growing up…LOL.

Do I know someone In Singapore?Nope

Well this has been an interesting day to say the least. Last night I got an odd phone call from a card security place claiming some “unusual” activity had been going on with my debit card. Well the fact that they didn’t seem to have a lot of information led me to NOT disclose anything they didn’t have. So this morning I got into my office and proceeded to call the bank. After a few phone calls they verified that the place that called infact did oversee my banks debit cards-and there had been 2 incoming debits from SINGAPORE….now I do a lot of business-but I do not order to Singapore-and honestly I don’t have any customers in Singapore-so I had to close out that debit card. What a PAIN….my mind has been racing all day-whether or not such and such place uses that card for this or that. Problem is when they issue you a new card-you get the number the expiration but NOT the cvc code-do you realize how many places require that code? And if I wanted a rush on a new card it was going to be $50 to do that. So I figured I am not paying $50 for something that someone else created. I use PayPal quite a bit-so I know some of my purchases did not go to that debit card…but just the fact that you think it can happen to someone else-and not to you-is quite an eye opener. So now I am re-thinking ALL the transactions that I do on line. Where did they hack in and get this information? I am not sure. I mean I know not to disclose my cc information in email-I am not one just to use it carelessly….so that leaves me wondering how to better protect myself. In a day and age when so many things can be done on line-it is hard for me to figure out how not to disclose that information. Well this I know-I will be even more cautious and probably not just use it “just anywhere” and again not that I was-but you know you get these “great” offers and you whip out your card. No more of that is going to happen here. So far I have notified 4 places of this mishap-now I will have to get back to figuring out if I have any other places that use that monthly-or if it is just my bank account.  So here is my plug for online banking-it is a great thing-you can keep track of what clears your account-what comes in, what goes out….do not disclose ANY of your information to “just anyone”…see how much information they have for you-about you-and if you don’t feel good about the conversation end it and verify it through your bank or what have you. I feel I didn’t do anything to create this issue-so now I know it can happen to anyone. Thanks for listening.

Interview with Crystal M. from The Cinnamon Hollow

1. How long have you owned The Cinnamon Hollow? And could you please give us any Url’s that go with your site?I have owned TCH since 2006. It began as a Prim gifts site and was redeveloped last summer into an advertising portal for work at home families.

 2. What do you love most about what you do?I love getting to meet and help other mom’s. I have formed so many lasting friendships within the last year. It’s unbelievable! 3. Do you mainly deal with advertising or do you have another business as well? I focus on advertising. I am a representative for a few companies but my business is advertising and WAHM resources.

 4. How do you fit being a Work At Home Mom with your job? Do you also work outside the home?Nope, I’m strictly work at home. I try to break my time up into blocks and include my children as much as possible. They get to be by my side throughout the day and see what I do for a living. Evenings are for them and that is where my attention goes… to my children. If I have work that still needs to be done, I still take breaks when they need me. 5. Do you have any places that you are a part of? For instance forums or clubs that you would like to mention? Well my own! Also The Mompack –

6. What are your hopes and goals as far as your business(es) go? I would like to see my traffic exchange reach 1000 members. I want to add a lot more resources for WAH families too. 7. Do you have any sales going on currently? Or if not would you like to mention any of the pricing of your homepage ads etc?Homepage ads are $2/month – $10/year or $50/lifetime ad 8. Here you are welcome to add anything else you would like to mention. I would just like to add that I have been in the position of trying to make it online and not having an advertising budget, so I do my very best to offer low cost and as many free ad options as possible. I promote heavily so you don’t have to! I would like to Thank Crystal for taking the time to do this interview and allow us to better get to know her!