Interview with Crystal M. from The Cinnamon Hollow

1. How long have you owned The Cinnamon Hollow? And could you please give us any Url’s that go with your site?I have owned TCH since 2006. It began as a Prim gifts site and was redeveloped last summer into an advertising portal for work at home families.

 2. What do you love most about what you do?I love getting to meet and help other mom’s. I have formed so many lasting friendships within the last year. It’s unbelievable! 3. Do you mainly deal with advertising or do you have another business as well? I focus on advertising. I am a representative for a few companies but my business is advertising and WAHM resources.

 4. How do you fit being a Work At Home Mom with your job? Do you also work outside the home?Nope, I’m strictly work at home. I try to break my time up into blocks and include my children as much as possible. They get to be by my side throughout the day and see what I do for a living. Evenings are for them and that is where my attention goes… to my children. If I have work that still needs to be done, I still take breaks when they need me. 5. Do you have any places that you are a part of? For instance forums or clubs that you would like to mention? Well my own! Also The Mompack –

6. What are your hopes and goals as far as your business(es) go? I would like to see my traffic exchange reach 1000 members. I want to add a lot more resources for WAH families too. 7. Do you have any sales going on currently? Or if not would you like to mention any of the pricing of your homepage ads etc?Homepage ads are $2/month – $10/year or $50/lifetime ad 8. Here you are welcome to add anything else you would like to mention. I would just like to add that I have been in the position of trying to make it online and not having an advertising budget, so I do my very best to offer low cost and as many free ad options as possible. I promote heavily so you don’t have to! I would like to Thank Crystal for taking the time to do this interview and allow us to better get to know her!


2 responses to this post.

  1. thanks for the great info here and good luck with your work at home mom career! keep at it, if you never give up, you’ll reach unreachable heights!

  2. I’ve been a member of the Cinnamon Hollow since I started my online-business & can’t say enough about how Crystal is always “right-there” to answer & follow up to any questions I have! It’s an affordable way to advertise my business and establish new business relationships! Cinnamon Hollow brought me to Country Keepsakes! Thank you Ladies!
    Cindi – Moomettesgram
    Moomette’s Magnificents Olde Towne Shoppes

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