Do I know someone In Singapore?Nope

Well this has been an interesting day to say the least. Last night I got an odd phone call from a card security place claiming some “unusual” activity had been going on with my debit card. Well the fact that they didn’t seem to have a lot of information led me to NOT disclose anything they didn’t have. So this morning I got into my office and proceeded to call the bank. After a few phone calls they verified that the place that called infact did oversee my banks debit cards-and there had been 2 incoming debits from SINGAPORE….now I do a lot of business-but I do not order to Singapore-and honestly I don’t have any customers in Singapore-so I had to close out that debit card. What a PAIN….my mind has been racing all day-whether or not such and such place uses that card for this or that. Problem is when they issue you a new card-you get the number the expiration but NOT the cvc code-do you realize how many places require that code? And if I wanted a rush on a new card it was going to be $50 to do that. So I figured I am not paying $50 for something that someone else created. I use PayPal quite a bit-so I know some of my purchases did not go to that debit card…but just the fact that you think it can happen to someone else-and not to you-is quite an eye opener. So now I am re-thinking ALL the transactions that I do on line. Where did they hack in and get this information? I am not sure. I mean I know not to disclose my cc information in email-I am not one just to use it carelessly….so that leaves me wondering how to better protect myself. In a day and age when so many things can be done on line-it is hard for me to figure out how not to disclose that information. Well this I know-I will be even more cautious and probably not just use it “just anywhere” and again not that I was-but you know you get these “great” offers and you whip out your card. No more of that is going to happen here. So far I have notified 4 places of this mishap-now I will have to get back to figuring out if I have any other places that use that monthly-or if it is just my bank account.  So here is my plug for online banking-it is a great thing-you can keep track of what clears your account-what comes in, what goes out….do not disclose ANY of your information to “just anyone”…see how much information they have for you-about you-and if you don’t feel good about the conversation end it and verify it through your bank or what have you. I feel I didn’t do anything to create this issue-so now I know it can happen to anyone. Thanks for listening.


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  1. Posted by eekai on April 10, 2008 at 12:49 am

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    nice place you got here. i hope you visit my blog too.

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