A follow up to: Do I know someone in Singapore….

Just incase anyone happened to read my latest post-I wanted you to know I figured out at least where the person “used” my debit card. They used it to purchase something through Asia GIS which looks to be a cell phone company. Currently my bank is investigating it-and the almost $99 has been returned to my account while it is being investigated.  I will most likely never know who got a hold of my information or where they happened upon it-hacked up on it. But for now-I am happy that they won’t be able to use that card again. I am also feeling very lucky that that is all they used before it was caught.

This is why I support the “online” banking options-I am able to watch my account-if I hadn’t been able to do that I wouldn’t have seen that these 2 (well 4 with the exchange rates added on) had actually been taken out of my account-where as my bank said they wouldn’t be. Ok, so they didn’t realize they would. But if I didn’t daily check my account-I wouldn’t have noticed that I was going to be $99 short.

It is very very important when people call and contact you and want your account information that you just tell them you will call your institution the next day. Now a days we can’t trust anyone over the phone-or an email for instance. I received an email today saying I needed to verify my account from some bank. I figured if it was legitimate and I didn’t answer it-they would either snail mail me-or call. There are smart people out there just waiting to get their hands on your “credit” as it isn’t the money they are necessarily interested in-it is your name, your identity.

Also another “scam” that you might be receiving through email is the “I have a million dollars that I am holding in an account” type letter-some person has supposedly been left incharge of a large estate and are willing to share it with you if you email them like all of your information. Although it would be a cool thing to get a lot of money for doing nothing-there isn’t any money…lol…they want your information.

So I apologize that I have went off on a tangent-but I want you to protect yourself from scams, and people out to take your information and use it for their own. As far as my debit card goes I don’t feel I did anything wrong-but now I am not going to make the mistake of giving someone too much information-especially when it can happen to you without you even trying. I figure there is only room in the world for 1 of me….

Good night and don’t share with just anyone-regardless of what you were taught while you were growing up…LOL.


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