A Great Place to Network

Recently I was invited to join Divapreneurs. Now those that know me may have thought of my first question to myself…”Am I a diva?”…well I don’t look at myself as a “diva” but at Divapreneur I am learning that there is a bit of diva hid inside myself-just more are able to show it than others.

Sometimes I think we forget what we are striving to accomplish. Where we want our business to go…or even who we should network with. I believe that it is important to network with people in your niche. In this case it is other women who have their own businesses. Whether they are stay at home Mom’s wanting to bring in some extra to help with the household finances, or a woman wanting to take their talents and put them out there or both. I have already met some incredible women-and it has only been a week.

The people at Divapreneur are friendly, caring, helpful and insightful. There is a wealth of information to be learned on this site and from these wonderful, wonderful women. They are uplifting and just plain there to make you feel like one of them.

When building your business it is very important to network and market. You just never know who is going to see your products or have an idea that you didn’t think of. I was invited to join Divapreneurs by Debbie from Snowberry Creek (they are a sample box place that gets your products out to other people wanting to try products from different businesses)- you can check them out at www.snowberrycreek.com . If you are a woman who is in business for herself (diva-preneur) then I would love to invite you to a great network of women…just leave a comment or email me (houseonthehill06@aol.com) and I would love to send you an invite.

I love what I do and want to share the places that I have found that are making my journey a little bit easier along the way.  Have a great weekend, and a great night.


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