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Been So Busy-

Well I realizee it has been too long since my last post-But busy isn’t really the word for where I have been. Recently I decided to purchase a Traffic Exchange -and in doing that I decided to change hosting companies in order to pay less. So now I am paying less than $25.00 for hosting 4 domains-where as I was paying $60 for 3. Sometimes when you do business you have to save money where you can and put it in other areas. So is the same for where I had my merchant account. So in this last month I have made some changes for the better-where my business is concerned.

I believe in customer service-I do my best to show my customers the importance on that and I expect the same where I do business with. Julie at is one example of this. When I switched hosting companies I had been going through a DIY-and there is nothing wrong with that-it was great while I was with it. But I needed the ability to do more or have the choice to. Along with that came the fact that I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about HTML, FTP etc. Each day I work on my sites I learn something more-and for me that is beneficial to growing my businesses.

With the changes I have been going through I am realizing change can be good if you keep at it and enable  yourself to learn.

While sitting here I have realized that at the time I named my blog-I misspelled the name of my own business…now how did it take me all these months to just now realize that? Well I am thinking because I have had to read-re-read and proofread again my web site pages…how in the world (for a lack of a more appropriate word did I ever do that….

Well anyhow if I can’t fix it-so be it…but maybe I can take time to figure that out to.

Another place I have been frequenting is Divapreneur, it is a business woman based site with loads of information and the most wonderful people. If you are interested in joining let me know and I will send you an invite-

Hmmm what else? Well at this point there isn’t a lot for me to write about-one because I am tired I think and two because tomorrow I need to get up and get back to finishing one of my web sites. Ofcourse with re-doing shopping carts and such I am trying to tweak some things that I hadn’t thought about before. My blog will now be linked (or when I am done) from 3 of my 4 sites, my new web site Free Banner Xchange will be linked to all 3 of my sites….

Honestly you will enjoy the changes whether you are a customer, another business or someone looking for lowcost advertising.

So keep posted. I will try to update more often. Hopefully soon I will be back to interviewing other businesses. Stay Tuned………………..