Wants, Needs, Dreams….

Here we are almost at the end of July-Where does time go? Time has an odd way of keeping us going without taking a moment to stop and think. We are so busy with this or that-we seldom just take the time to “be”. How many times do you catch yourself thinking of what happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future?

Do you find yourself thinking of your wants, dreams, or needs? Although we all have needs; sometimes isn’t it great to just think about wants? And how you can make those wants into reality? Or are you so busy worrying, waiting for something to happen that you forget to work on the one thing you have been hoping to accomplish?

Procrastination is a terrible thing. You keep putting off today what you think you can do tomorrow-only to find that tomorrow comes and it is the same situation? Before you know it-you are getting ready to go to bed and yet another day has flown by.

Why not make a list of things you would like to accomplish? Write them in order of importance or priority. Does one thing have to happen before another one can be started? Sometimes a list is a great thing to have. You may not get it all done in one day or even one week; but as you start to finish the things you have listed it will feel good to cross them off-and even if one thing leads to another-you can add new things to your list.

I used to think lists were for older people that couldn’t remember. Now I just know that a list is something for anyone that has a lot on their mind; or a lot of things to accomplish-or both.

Start making your list and see how good it feels as you cross your accomplishments off. If you are really feeling like you have everything you want done, try creating a “life list”…those things that you would like to accomplish in the next 5-10 years or where you want to be in 10 years…even things that may sound silly-are really things you have thought about but just not taken the time to realize that they are important to you…

Wants, Needs, Dreams-we all have them-we just need to take time to realize them.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Great blog, Becky. You have summed up my feelings on this subject. At one time I made a list everyday. As I crossed off the things I had done, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I have not made lists in years, but I think I need to start again. Maybe, if I make a list I will have the feeling of completing something each day. Some days I’m so busy, I feel that I haven’t done much but spin in circles! lol

    Okay, now I plan to start tomorrow with a “to do” list and maybe I’ll branch out and make a “dream” list of things I want to accomplish in the future.

    Thanks for making me think about this and realize that I do have many wants, needs and desires. I will take the time to examine them. Wonder if I’ll be surprised which ones seem more important now and which ones seem to have gone by the wayside. I must prioritize and make good use of the time I have. Thanks Becky!!!

  2. you’re right becky I don’t take time to think about it, but after reading what you wrote, I’m gonna start.

  3. I am a list maker…a note taker…
    Ever since I can remember…and yes, the THRILL of seeing those to do(s) beink marked off is a true rush of sorts…a defining victory of the day!
    You are right Becky….
    “Wants, Needs, Dreams-we all have them-we just need to take time to realize them.”

  4. Becky you have hit me where it hurts…I am the self professed queen of procrastination…I do make lists and they do help…but it is something I struggle with everyday.I thank you for your reminder of the benefits and the sense of accomplishment you get from implementing them in everyday goals. I will try to use them more wisely!

  5. Hey Bec! I stumbled upon your blog, totally by accident. I started reading thru, and I said, “I know this girl!”

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