Friends-To Lift Up and Be Lifted

Friends-You can’t live without them. Well I guess you could-but wouldn’t that be a lonely existence? Looking back throughout my life I have had many friends. Some have faded off into the distance only to be thought of as a memory-but good ones at that.

I have the friend from elementary school, who carried through until middle school then when we moved to a new area-I made new friends. Those friends I don’t even know where they are or what they are up to.  My best friend from high school only lives down the street from me. Yet we only seem now to keep in contact via email or the occasional wave at the grocery store (if we are lucky). Then there are friends I made when we were stationed at Fort Drum. One of which I still keep in contact with as she holds a special place in my heart. Then there is the friend that I met on the internet and actually moved to our area-only to leave a few years later-but even though we don’t keep in contact as well as I thought we would-I still think of her often and she too holds a specialness in my heart.

 Then there are my internet friends. In the past year I have made so many and each of them touch my heart in a special way. I have the “poetic” friend, the “flower design” friend, the friend who has a deep caring spirit for those that need extra help, a.k.a “the potty watch”, a jewelry maker, a painter, a friend who cares about fellow Wahm’s, one with a great sense of humor and the list goes on-but the one thing these friends have in common is their love, caring and uplifting. I know although I have never met these wonderful people in person that they truly care about me. They are my cheerleaders, my encouragement and when it comes right down to it-how can you ask for anything more than that. Oh yes I have my sister, my sister-in-law and most of all my Mom…but without these friends to laugh with, chat with or comment on-life would be pretty lonely…

So to all my friends…I love you and I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for being My Friend!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Becky I am proud to call you my friend….what a blessing it is to know you!

  2. Oh how you are a true friend even though we only meant on the internet I also feel I know you. Your emails and your blog post show your kind and understanding heart.

  3. Becky it’s a joy to know you and I to read your blogs too!

  4. We soar….when you soar….
    We sigh…when you sigh…
    We laugh…when you laugh…
    We cry…when you cry…

    For each day we live, read and learn more from and about one another, our world grows…our hearts expand…

    A treasure you Becky!!!!! :)xo

  5. We have a common bond that unites us…we care about each other. No matter how far away we are and even if we have not met, we touch each other’s heart, hold each other’s hand, and grown closer each day!
    We love you Becky!

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