Missing in Action~a.k.a. MIA

Well I just had to stop in while I have a few minutes~as things are going to get crazy. If I am not finishing orders-I will be cleaning/packing-painting…I kinda wish all my friends could be here with me to hang out~and the work would be probably get done quicker…lol.

Anyhow-Rog goes and closes tomorrow. Today we were blessed as our insurance ended up being $40 cheaper a year, our closing costs went from $7800 to $3344…plus $800 for the fuel oil that sits in the tank-which is actually cheaper than if we had to purchase it now-blessing!! So tomorrow at 1:30 est- we will be the owners of our new home…I am excited, nervous, already tired thinking of it all. The new phone/internet here at my “store” comes Friday-and our new set up comes to the new house Saturday-while we will be moving….
We went up tonight for our walk thru-boy-you notice a lot more dirt -and a funny smell I call cat pee..lol…at the new place but I know of a great place where I can get candles….lol…so once things are steam cleaned, cleaned and fresh paint I think it will feel like our own-although I still feel the house is set up backwards when you come in the back door. We found we have a peach tree-all in bloom and the last owners left me some pretty flower pots with flowers around the outside of the house along the driveway side…There is a lot to do-but I know in time we will feel at home-our own home!!

So I just wanted you to know where I will be-and I will get back in touch once we are all moved and somewhat settled if not before. I plan to take “before” pictures and after-so I will share them when I get back to normal…I think that will happen eventually.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hello there to you !
    I am certain by now you have heard me say congrats x infinity on the new house my friend…and I am so glad that you are rejoicing in blessings…and look forward to seeing those pictures!

  2. New Memories to be made just in time for the holidays, by then you should be nice and cozy and all this moving in will be behing ya. Congrats!

  3. We know you are working hard to make this new house…YOUR home…I’m sure it is alot of hard work, but it will be worth it when you are finished. Thinking of you and missing you…take care!

  4. Just dropping by to see how you are doing…hope and pray all is going well with everything. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your new home.
    Love You!!

  5. Just dropping by to say hi and see how you are doing. Hope you are enjoying your new home and you’re busy filling lots of orders.

    You’ve been tagged! The Muse tagged me and I chose you! List 8 things that you would like to share or that people don’t know about you, then tag 8 people.

  6. I tagged you! My you are popular I see you have already been tagged

  7. Sending you love Becky!

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