Black Friday~Yikes

I am thinking this has been the year to try new things or do something I haven’t done before. In the past I told people “you will NEVER catch me out on Black Friday”. For one it just isn’t my thing on a normal day to enjoy shopping. Two, that is awful early to get up…lol. Well I have a younger sister, and a Mom. They both wanted me to join them this year in this adventure. Being so busy with my business I haven’t really taken time to think about much else. Part of me dreaded it, but part of me longed to just enjoy spending some time with them both. So I agreed. I did take a week to think about it…and I am glad that I went.

My Mom showed up at our house at about 5. Melissa was due there any minute but had stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffees. So she arrived about 5:15a.m. and off we ventured. The “mall” area is about 15-20 minutes away. When we got there I couldn’t believe the traffic. I mean I knew there would be a lot but in the dark the headlights were amazing. So I clicked a picture with my cell phone that I will include with this post.  We went by our Target which wasn’t opening until 6 and the line to get in was from the front door to the END of the parking lot. I wished I had gotten a picture of that. My niece who is 18 is working at Kohls. They opened at 4. Could you imagine? She had to be there at a little before 4. Then they put her on cash register which she really hadn’t been trained for. How is that effective? So anyways. I saw some good deals but NOT good enough to stand in the lines. Our Toys R Us had over 1 hour wait to get checked out. The line was like a snake going throughout the store. People were blocking the things to look at~and when I went to want to “get out”…they had all the aisle’s blocked…I said to my sister “I would really like to call the Fire Marshall” and see if this is legal”…but I didn’t….as we were able to get out without a scratch.  After a lot of lines, people and stores I was home by 3…and took a rest. We enjoyed our Mother/Daughter time together and as I got our of my sister’s van I said “Lets mark our calendars for next year”… after all it wasn’t so bad.

I have included a picture of the traffic for you to get an idea of what it looked like.

Black Friday Traffic

Black Friday Traffic


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  1. No NO never LOL LOL…not me LOL
    Glad you had family time though!

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