Family Tradition~Christmas Tree Shopping

Every year the Sunday after Christmas my WHOLE family convoys to a Tree Farm. In years past we went to McDonald’s Tree farm outside of Savona NY. Kinda near Corning NY (Glassworks Country). We started the tradition when all 3 of us kids lived in Corning as kids with our parents. Back then Mom would make Christmas cookies and hot cocoa and we would get in our vehicle and go to McDonald’s Tree farm to cut our own tree. I am not sure when it started but we started getting Concolor Trees. These have long needles and when cut smell just like an orange. I know we started getting them before I was in the 4th grade as when we moved to the Buffalo area in early 1980’s it was tough to find a concolor and if you did they were over $50. Each year we went to that same place after we moved back to the area.

Concolor Needles

Concolor Needles

As we started getting married we would bring our spouses to the same place; we started with 1 vehicle, and now we convoy 4 vehicles to pick out our 4 trees. We also usually meet for breakfast beforehand. I am the oldest of the 3 of us, and we are all married and between the 3 of us have 8 children ranging in ages from 18 down to 7. Now the oldest grandchild has a boyfriend and she brought him along for the tradition.

I am thankful for such a close family and something we can rely on as a tradition. Below you will see the picture of our tree-the lights make it look bright…but you will get the idea.

christmastree082Lastly I am going to include one of my newer “favorite” Christmas songs, but I could only find it on YouTube sung by a very talented 9 year old…

Happy Holidays!

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hey girlie! I didn’t know you had a blog! 🙂
    Nice tree.

  2. Oooo sweet stuff…loving the song…and the tree is so colorful!

  3. Oh I enjoyed reading your blog. I felt like I was there with your family looking for that gorgeous tree. It looks lovely all lit up in your warm cozy home.

  4. What a wonderful family tradition to have with your growing family. The memories will be cherished forever.

    Many sweet blessings!

  5. I love your blog..I have really enjoyed reading your articles. Merry Xmas!!

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