Evoking Memories….

Have you ever been doing something and it brings back a memory? Not only in my personal life, but my business life this seems to happen frequently. The reason being for this is I pour candles. Every time (just about) while I am pouring a candle it brings back a memory. Some scents are pleasant memories while others bring that feeling of “ohh why does that scent make me think of that”. Some of examples of this are when I pour Sugar Cookie-it takes me back to baking cookies with my Grandma Ryan. She baked for a living at the local college. She may have spent all week making hundreds of cookies for the students-but didn’t think a thing of it to come home and bake all day with her grandchildren. She is not able to bake anymore but I was lucky enough to learn her baking secrets. Or there is the smell of lilacs~that takes me back to being a kid playing in the back yard, always taking time to smell the beautiful blooms. Or the smell of Fresh Cut Grass, some wouldn’t probably think that is a great candle scent. But if you close your eyes while burning it, it might just take you back to a summer’s day while rolling around the yard playing your heart out. (no, I don’t roll around in the yard anymore, just in case you were wondering.) Then there are scents like Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Buns, Gingersnap Cookies, Amish Carrot Cake and Vanilla Hazelnut-those are the FIRST scents I started with in my candle business. I remember being nervous, not sure anyone would purchase my candles, and then to see how far I have come. So those scents stay in my line up as they hold a special place in my heart.
I feel burning candles can be theraputic, the warm glow of the flame, the scent that goes throughout the room. I myself enjoy burning what I know is a clean-burning candle.
We offer over 100 scents, one sure to evoke a memory or 2. Check us out when you have a chance at Country Keepsakes

8oz Soybean Candle

8oz Soybean Candle


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  1. What a great post Bec…this time of year, I agree, scents can truly transport us!….It never ceases to amaze me how REAL and FRESH those memories can become!
    Again thank you for my drift down memory lane.

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