Our First “Big” Snow Storm

Although I live in NY I have grown to dread the winter. Don’t get me wrong~I don’t want to live in the hot, humid climates, just a middle of the road temperature area. But I have to say that when we have our first big snow, it is beautiful, until the dirt and ice take over. Yesterday they were calling for 1-4 inches, then it changed to 3-5, by evening they were saying 5-8 with more in the higher elevations. Since moving we are some of the “higher” elevation people. I am not sure how much we ended up getting-but the snow flakes were like little balls last night, and the wind was almost non-existent so it was a sight to be seen. This morning I woke up to Roger saying “Watkins Glen” schools are closed, along with quite a few others. All after-school activities yesterday had been canceled with the announcement lady saying “you cannot stay at school, go home, go straight home”….which for some reason when I heard her from my car gave me a little chuckle as it hadn’t even started snowing yet. By 5pm I was glad they had canceled all activities as I was safe at home watching the storm unfold. So today I haven’t went anywhere. The boys are getting ready to go out of town with my Dad and brother for muzzleloader, but otherwise I don’t for-see me having to go out today. I have included 2 pictures from our front yard.
If I had boots (you would think I would invest in a pair for weather such as this), I would go out and try to build a snowman. We always did that as kids with the help of my Dad when the balls got too big to set up on top of each other. One year ours was so big he was taller than any of us, even our father. But for now I will just watch as the snow lightly still comes down and be happy in my warm, dry home.
1st Snow StormTree Near Front Porch


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh I like your snow. I don’t get snow in my neck of the woods, Northern California. So thanks for sharing. I like it!

  2. Oooohhh those pictures are so pretty! We only got about an inch of snow here last night but a lot of ice so the schools were closed here today too. I might try to get some pics of it later. We have another winter weather advisory today so we’ll see what we end up getting by tomorrow! :0) Love the blog layout Miss Becky!
    Merry Christmas – God Bless

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