Could you Use Free Advertising…and Networking?

Recently I have become involved in 2 awesome Sites. These sites are owned by Krista Clyburn. If you are looking for a dedicated person…then look right here. The first one is WAHM Addicts Advertising and the 2nd one is WAHM Addicts.

WAHM Addicts Advertising is a “no obligation” site. You can sign up as a shopper or business or both. There are already over 100 members and many different things to choose from. You can post your business URL, your blog, exchange links and shop.

WAHM Addicts is, (quoted by Krista) “WAHM Addicts is for the serious business minded. We enjoy quality members who are serious about their business or serious about finding out how to start up a business and need the support, friendships, networking, and resources we have to offer.
We love our shopping members too! Coming together as a shopper on a business network just makes perfect sense. The shopper member enjoys unique products and wonderful deals. Don’t forget to join our WAHM Addicts Membership Shopping Group!”.

I have found through these 2 sites that it is more than leaving your name, picture and links in order to do business. It is about creating relationships and networking. The information on WAHM Addicts is unbelievable. People coming together in order to help others. It is worth being involved…even if you can only be active once a week.

If you decide to join either please just put that Becky W. referred you. Do I get anything by doing so? No, just the satisfaction of knowing you found it through me, or my post.

Stay tuned as I will be trying to do some business interviews to help people get their names out there.

Visit WAHM Addicts Social Network – Moms and Men!

Visit WAHM Addicts Advertising

Have a great week.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Nice site here’s my site you could post thanks. My goal is 500 hits a day-LOL

  2. I love teh banner on this blog. Very nice>

  3. Becky you are so right Krista does a wonderful job and I am a member.

  4. I am looking into adding WAHM Advertising so I will keep you in mind as a referrer. Thanks for adding my blog I love your blog!

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