Frustration Robs Your Time…

It all started last Wednesday morning. I got to work at 7:30am after dropping the kids at their respective schools…The coffee was going, the wood stove starting to get warm…I had the radio on, the computer going….getting ready to print my labels for an order…Everything was humming and I was actually getting things done. I had organized the day before, filed paperwork, cleaned up my areas…Life seemed Good….then it happened. Just as I was dragging the label down to the tray in my program…Zippppp-pa…Everything went off, then on, then off, then like a big tease onoff…that quick…It was a windy day, they had just got done on the radio saying we shouldn’t have to worry about losing power-but we did.
I looked around in the dark…at the glowing wood stove and thought “well at least I can be thankful for the heat”. What do you do in the dark at your work? No radio, no computers, no lights…but I was resourceful and put my double boiler on the wood stove and continued to melt wax….so that wasn’t a loss of my “time”.
2 hours later the power was back on. In the meantime I had cut up fabric for my melt packages and candles, and talked to myself due to the loss of the radio and company…lol.
So I started to go around “re-starting” all of the electrical items.
Then I came back to my computer only to find it was still not on. Hmmm…hit the power again-nothing, again, nothing, unplugged, plugged….NOTHING…Ahhhh I wanted to scream. My whole “business life” lives on that thing. When is the last time I backed up my labels?….Ummm, next vision~ALL that was GONE…was it? How could I be so stupid not to be more conscious?
Well I could go on and on…but long story short I had a Memorial Service for the next few days-I think I am still “mourning” the loss of Bessy-she had been with me for the past 2 years (in business form that is)..Gone is my label program that is not “compatible” with Windows Vista…GONE I say. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been nice to Bessy in the past few weeks. Constantly freezing up on me…the Windows Task Manager had become our common friend. But she was ya know with me from the start of my business-just going on 2 years. So now, although I do really like the new computer (I am at a loss). I now have to recreate all of my labels-missing fonts, where in the heck are all my graphics? Oh yeah-that disc…and that disc…oh and that one.
I got all the programs back on, except my FTP…and except for my monitor going to sleep a lot-like it should be tired-it just got out of the box…I am the one that is tired…tired of “Allow this, and Allow that”…lol…
Lessons learned? I bought 50 cd discs…I will promise to back my work up. I will accept the challenge of a NEW label program and learn to love it…I will enter each one of my customers back into my NEW invoice program…and think of them…
Things will get back to normal for me and the new “guy”…or “girl”…as we get acquainted and learn how to overcome the loss of Bessy!


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  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptNo radio, no computers, no lights…but I was resourceful and put my double boiler on the wood stove and continued to melt wax….so that wasn’t a loss of my “time”. 2 hours later the power was back on. In the meantime I had cut up fabric … […]

  2. Let me know if you like Vista. I like XP so much better! Glad you are back up and running!

  3. Hey Lisa-
    We have Vista at home…I can’t say I “dislike” it, but I like XP better…

  4. This has happen to me so many times. My son finally got sick of listening to me and bought me a portable external hard drive. Now I can back up everything. Its really worth puchasing.

  5. gret topic
    thx u

  6. Glad you’re going forward. Afterall, where would all of us be without computers, in a larger world and not connected.

  7. I’m with Liz. This has happened to me more than once and I, too, purchase an external hard drive. I’m don’t always back up like I should but I think I should get better about it.

    I cringe as I read your post, Becky. My heart goes out to you – it takes a long time to recover all of your data, if you ever do. The hours of frustration – but you seem to have dealt with it in your usual fashion. You have lots of patience and a good outlook. Best wishes getting all of your labels and customers entered again.

    I have Vista on my laptop and XP on the desktop. I prefer XP but I’m getting familiar with Vista. I have more trouble with Office 2007, nothing is where it should be! lol But I will adjust, it will only take time. One day I will forget that I ever had a previous version – I think it was 2003. See it’s fading already. lol

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