Have you EVER been so excited You….

Couldn’t stand yourself? Well that is where I am at today. First I have so many new ideas to add to Country Keepsakes Retail & Wholesale, I have a new site coming (I know, I know-quit talking about it Becky and just do it) well I am trying….Then I am going to have a column at: Crafters in the News Where people can ask their questions regarding candle making and I get to answer them.

THEN there is this EXCITING site that is growing by LEAPS & BOUNDS… it is called WAHM ADDICTS. If you are in business for yourself-whether you are a crafter, a graphic artist, you sell others items at a profit for yourself…just starting out, have been in business for a while..THIS is the time to get in and get noticed. We keep hearing about the “big” companies having layoffs, closing plants and on and on…well this is an AWESOME time to grow your home based business. People are looking for quality, friendliness, and that personal touch. They are looking for you~they just can’t find you…well that is going to be over with when you join WAHM Addicts…are you looking for helpful information? Networking at its best? Then you just have to join WAHM ADDICTS SOCIAL. I have posted about this before…and I am posting about it again-so what does that tell you? I endorse this wonderful site and its people. I believe in them…get in while the getting is GREAT…You won’t be sorry. Are you serious about your business? Then you will want to be a part of this group that is growing. With over 500 members and counting~you can’t go wrong. SO go to the sites, check it out…You will be so glad you did. Do you sell jewelry? home decor? flower arrangements?…a special service?…it is for you too….When you join, add me as a friend..and let me know you are there…I look forward to seeing you there…
If I find that you join and you are one of the businesses I have posted…I will give you 6 months FREE advertising at The Homestead Register on the front page… http://www.thehomesteadregister.com Now does that tell you just how excited I am?….
Before the week is out I will be posting new products…but for now…Keep your thoughts positive and just ask yourself…Today what did I do for my business? (and if you don’t have a business), Today what did I do to further myself?


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  1. Hi Becky thanks for the add. I’ll add yours too!

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  4. Remarkably written Bec! You love for WAHM Addicts shows through in all you write and do! We are so happy to have such a quality member as yourself.


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  6. It is wonderful to read your post. These are Great places and are worth seeing and joining. I have a article in crafters in the news coming out . I am excited

  7. Hi Becky!

    I’m trying to get into this blogging thing but I’m a little overwhelmed. Then I came across your blog and I felt a little better because it was someone I knew! I’m looking forward to being part of the new Crafters In The News” website! It should be fun! I love your post and I will be following. I also started a blog on my website at http://www.primdecortips.com. If you can give me any pointers on blogging I would appreciate it. Best of luck with everything and keep up the good work!!!

  8. Have you EVER been so excited You………

    thought for a second there you were going to say something about peeing your pants **eeks**

    How ya been Becky?

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