March & Snow?

Yesterday we had mid 50’s…with a cool wind..which was nice. This morning I wake up to about 1 inch of accumulation…I thought we were in March..not October…it is about 25 degrees here in Watkins Glen and I have had it with the winter winds and blowing snow…I am hoping this is the last of it. I have included a picture…
I am busily working and trying to keep warm…but I am sure before I know it-we will be in the 70’s…at least I am hoping.
Here is to So Happy Its Thursday…

Until next time….


2 responses to this post.

  1. This past Sunday was beautiful. I think it hit 60! Then on Monday we had freezing rain, snow and rain. I think it was in the 20’s! That’s New England weather for ya! If you don’t like the weather — wait 5 minutes!

  2. BLEH I am so sick of snow and cold weather! :0)
    We cooked out on the grill and had the windows open or the air on all week and then tonight it is snowing! I think KY thinks it is a new England state, lol! Our weather sure is mixed up!

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