Looking Back to March 17, 1991

Well I can’t actually believe tomorrow is 18 years since I had my oldest! Although there are times when it has seemed like forever ago~ I can easily go back and remember all the feelings I felt and what I was thinking. He was due March 10th and arrived March 17 weighing 8′ 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. He had blonde hair and little blue eyes…and I was just amazed, scared, but amazed. My parents were able to make it to his birth as we were 3 hours away but my water broke at 4:30a.m. ( I actually thought I had wet the bed.) I didn’t have him until 7:55pm that night and it was a Sunday. He was my only “natural” birth~and being a “new” Mom…I never thought I would make it this far…lol… He is a great kid, my challenge, but great all the same. His views and mine are opposite, and I struggled with this for such a long time until a few years ago he looked right at me and said-“Mom, we aren’t the same, you care what people think, I don’t”…gosh that summed it up all in 1 heated sentence….and since then I take it for what it is worth. He is his own person, but at the same time he tells me everything…sometimes the things I don’t want to know. But in that same instance I know I have done a good job this far. He is now a Senior…and we are hoping that all goes well and he will finally be done with school…He is an athlete, he has played soccer, football, baseball and even wrestled. He is a natural when it comes to sports that he tries. Years ago when he turned 12 he had a size 12 foot, and then at 13 a 13, at 14 a 14…luckily that finally stopped as he is now 6’1 and 178 pounds..with a size 14 shoe…We laughed the year he decided to be in chorus so he could go to a waterpark, as his feet hung off the risers. Then come to find out he thought he would miss a day of school, only to find out the trip was on a Saturday, and during Turkey season no less. I am proud of him, love him to pieces, don’t always understand him but he is mine, my oldest….my “trial run” so to speak. Looking back there are things I would have done different, but isn’t that the way? We don’t get a second chance…just the ability to always “try” to do better by them…There is a part of me that is sad, sad that my little baby boy is now “just about a grown-up”, but also happy that a lot of that “tough” growing up is behind us. He is my St. Patrick’s Day baby…with a name that suits it “Aaron Michael”….and although he is a man now…he will always be my first…and always be my baby boy.Aaron holding the signAaron is the one holding the sign.


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  1. Becky, I feel ya. Mine are 30 and the other is going on 26. I remember the days they were born like it was yesterday!

  2. I know it seems like yesterday that our kids come in to the world. You are right you can not change them. Each one is so different and I think its a good thing. My boys are now 22 and 24 lol

  3. Posted by The Muse on April 19, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Our babes….
    forever and always!

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