What’s is your dream “garden”?

Do you garden? Whether it be vegetables or flowers I am curious of what those of you do when Spring hits…do you start with seeds inside? or plants?
Now that I have a new home-I would like to revamp some areas of the yard. I figure it may take me a few years…but I am curious of what others have done. The house came with a big pussy willow tree, lilac tree, some forsythias, poppies, tulips, some daffodils but we have almost 2 acres…so I have space, just not high “funds” for plants. So I am going to see if I work at an area at a time what I can come up with. Post your ideas! Share what you have worked at. I look forward to reading it…
Until next time! Spring is almost here I think!


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  1. Hi Becky-

    Came across your cute blog while surfing. It has been awhile since I have gotten into my garden…as it really took a backseat after I started my website. Reading your post really made me think that I need to get back into it. Thank you!!

    Love your blog and hope you can check out mine too at http://kids-accessories-by-kidcessory-haven.blogspot.com


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