Well it is official….

We got the approval from OCFS (Office of Child & Family Services) for me to be able to move my business to our home we bought in August 2008. My husband does daycare in our home and the only room I could use had to be remodeled in order for me not to freeze or sweat to death. That was completed in March-but we didn’t realize they would have a problem that my room had the 2nd egress going out of it. SO…at first they told me I could NOT move in…Well I wasn’t going to accept that. So with some major talks with them we found out IF we opened a 3rd exit which was sealed off in our living room, (which equaled more money to spend) as it needed a porch, the door painted etc. Well Roger worked very hard and was able to construct a small landing and steps with railings, I painted the existing door and waa-laa…the Fire & Safety through OCFS came and inspected yesterday and gave Rog the go ahead. I was told if I didn’t hear anything by 5pm last night-I was free to go ahead and move up there. So yesterday I busily got to packing, cleaning my waxy items and today I will start hauling van loads up to our home so that I can get all settled and “back in business”. Rog made me a nice 12 foot long work area that is L shaped-with 3 foot on the smaller part of the L with a shelf that goes almost the whole length of the work area underneath. He hung my shelving from my existing work area and now I just need to get all my stuff moved. This weekend he will finish moving what I can’t by myself. My phone is set up to go active up there Tuesday-so things are moving right along. Now for the fun part of getting it all there and to fit… 🙂 But that is ok-it will help out tremendously not to have to pay some of the extra expenses I have had to deal with in this last 9 months.
I have to keep my room “locked” during daycare hours-but that is not a biggie compared to the original “No you can’t do your business in your home”…So I will deal with that.
So if I am not “right there” the next few days you know why..AND since it is all approved there is no chance of being “called” in.
I will take pictures once I am set back up. Thanks for those of you that have prayed for us during this “long haul” or what seems like a long haul this past 2 months or more.
Have a great day-and always have a dream!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go Bec & Rog! Congratulations on getting it all approved and ready to go. I know you’ve both worked very hard!!! :0)

  2. Congratulations Becky I am so glad it work out for you.

  3. Excellent!!!

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