Memorial Day Weekend

As we enjoy our Memorial Day weekend we can’t help but think of those that have given their lives for us. It is a time for people to reflect on memories of either being in the service or those family and friends that are in the service. I think a lot of the families that have lost loved ones and pray that this weekend allows them to think of the happy memories that they made with those people. I also think of those currently serving in our Military. Those that cannot be with their families right now BUT are enjoying a weekend with their Military Families. The military families, when that is all you have mean so very much. I also think of the men and woman who are currently serving our country in Iraq. I am proud of what they have sacrificed in order to do their jobs.
Then there are the other things that go on during Memorial Day weekend. People planting their gardens of vegetables and flowers, graduation parties, Memorial Day parties etc. For those that are able to have a 3 day weekend-enjoy it!
This weekend I have planted my small vegetable garden, made pies (Strawberry Rhubarb & Coconut Cream Pie) for my son’s birthday gathering at my parents….and then today will go and spend time with my parents, sister and her family, and my brother and his family. We are lucky to all live close enough to get together if not every few weeks, at least once a month.
So enjoy the time you have this weekend, whether it be with yourself doing something you haven’t normally been able to do, or with family that means something to you-or in celebration of what this weekend means to you.
I am including a few pictures of some Poppys that were here at our house that I have been enjoying. Enjoy your weekend…PoppyPoppies


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