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To Catch a Scammer….

To fill you in, I got an order in the past week from a girl claiming to be in Germany. She didn’t order through my shopping cart-but my email. I knew at that point it was a bit fishy. But I played along to see where this would go. She was wanting to order 40 items of 4 different things that I carry. She said I could pick the scent-she gave me an address to check out the shipping costs through pamshippers. I did-as it wasn’t hurting me to do an estimate. They came back with an amount of $1800…right then I was like she isn’t going to go any farther. But she did-her order total would have been over $3000 with shipping. I told her I would need a valid credit card, with cvc, expiration date, address etc. She then came back with a credit card, but not one in her name. Now I have received orders before where the card was in the husband’s name-but the addresses were the same-the last names were the same etc.
So when I quesitoned her what the relationship was with her and that person-she then changed her story to it was her manager’s card and they would call me the next day. Problem was-this credit card was for someone in a southern state-and she was still claiming to be in Germany.
She gave me all of his information except a phone number. So when she didn’t immediately write me back I googled the white pages for this person’s phone number and called him.
I got their answering machine-but received a phone call back within 15 minutes. As I had suspected these kind people had NOT authorized this card to be used…..Hmmmmm did I catch her? or him? I gave the credit card information to this kind person-to find out YES it was one of their credit cards.
After that person called their credit card company they found that this person had also charged flowers to their card. And upon further investigation this person found out that the “scammer” was a manager for a rental car place out of Tennessee. Seems they had rented a car from an airport back in the spring-and the MANAGER…was the one using their card. Not only did the person go by another name (close though)-they were able to figure out her full name, address, and I had supplied the email. They are now going to be pressing charges against her.
I could give you her name that she went by-but it won’t help as if she were to do this again-she will most likely use a new email and a new name. But beware! I really didn’t think from the start that this order was valid-but I am glad that I pursued it as I might have saved these wonderful people more charges to their account.
I find it outrightly irritating that people out there are stealing other peoples information and using it for themselves. Did she not think that these people wouldn’t notice new charges? Did she think she would get a way with it with me? I led her to believe so. This scammer wanted me to charge the card asap…what she didn’t realize that an order that size would have taken me weeks to complete and IF I had been quick to do it-because heck the money would have been great. But in the end I would have had stock of items I put my money into and lost what I had invested, and these people would be fighting charges to their card that should have never happened. Scammers ruin it for out of country people that are legitimately placing valid orders. I do have a person in Italy, a couple in Australia that are legitimate…but I always 2nd guess them. It isn’t their fault, it is the scammers out there trying to take advantage of innocent people.
The scammer now knows she has been found out-I didn’t contact her again-but the person she tried to take advantage of did…and I am sure it felt good to let her know-as I wanted to say SHAME ON YOU…And to top it off-this person was in the US this whole time…
The person said they didn’t know how to thank me…Honestly? The good feeling I got from stopping if only 1 person was pay enough.
So take it from me-if the order seems to good to be true-then it probably is…and if you have credit, debit cards…check your statements each month-keep track of your bank accounts; especially if you can go online and sign up with your bank to view your statements in a secured setting. It might be the difference between someone taking your money or not. So I am feeling pretty good this week…There are many honest people out there-but you just have to watch out for the ones that aren’t. This isn’t the first time I have gotten an order like this one…but the last person faded off-and didn’t use a card that wasn’t theirs-to my knowledge…so I didn’t “catch” them…I may be a “small business” but maybe that is even better than being a big company that might have processed the order not realizing what was going on…who knows…Thanks for letting me share my story with you! Til Next Time….


Country Keepsakes is Raising Funds…

As some of you have heard I had to take one of our dogs-Walker to the vet after a weekend of multiple “upset” stomach episodes…he quit eating Saturday night, and looked to have lost over 6 pounds….I took him to the vet Monday morning and had to leave him to get x-rays, be rehydrated, and antibiotic shots. When I called 2 different times yesterday I was told at that point nothing had shown up on the x-rays but he hadn’t improved. They asked to keep him over night. This morning I called to check on him only to find out nothing had changed and that they had discovered a blockage in his intestines. Now that he was hydrated the blockage showed up by them being able to feel as-as yesterday his ribs were showing. We were already looking at a couple hundred dollars but with the surgery that he had to have in order to prevent death we are now looking at a possible $600-$800 more in bills bringing our total to $800-$1000. My husband and I had a hard time with this decision as that type of money we have never had to spend on 1 pet. But Walker is our 15 year old’s pet. Walker was born out of a litter of 7 puppies my other son’s dog had back on 9/11/07. You couldn’t ask for a nicer dog and he and Ethan have quite a bond. SO….I am offering 15% OFF any order placed from today June 9, 2009 to June 30th through Country Keepsakes Online. Please use the walker code to receive your percentage off. Any profit I receive will go directly to Walker’s Vet Bill….
Also Barbara Curran of Finders Keepers Jewelry has graciously donated a necklace/earring set retail value of $16.99 to be drawn from anyone placing an order using the “walker” code during the 6/9-6/30 promotion. This drawing will only be available to U.S. residents. .
I am including a picture of Walker and a picture of the jewelry.

I appreciate any one that can/wants to order. But to those that can’t prayers are welcomed!
Have a great day!

There are No Shortcuts To Any Place Worth Going…

Before I share what I want to share today I need to give a little background. Back in August of 2002 while I was doing my hair getting ready for work something pulled in my back. Laugh you might but I figured that whatever this was, wasn’t good. I was working in my father’s insurance office, I had been for close to 8 years at that time for him. So I had built up the knowledge to work it alone if needed. During this time my Dad had become Governor of Rotary-so he had to be away alot. Anyways…I had went to work anyways-although I could hardly move my upper half without the end of the day I was holding my head up on the counter and felt sick. My husband ended up coming to get me. I sat on the floor that night with my head laying on the chair. By that morning I ended up having Roger take me to the ER. I had a headache, pain shooting down my arms, and a buzzing in my head that wouldn’t go away. They gave me pain medicine, I couldn’t use the bathroom…etc. They ended up sending me to another hospital where I was admitted for 3 days. There they did testing, more drugs and finally released me and said I needed to do pain management and physical therapy. Physical therapy wouldn’t touch me because all I did was throw up. I had no sensation in my hips, a buzzing in the back of my head that would not go away and I walked bent over holding onto my shirt. So to make a long story short after 1 chiropractor, a few other doctors and the chiropractor I now go to-I was diagnosed with DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) of my neck and back. After finally finding the BEST chiropractor I was more myself in 6 months than the previous 6 months of all the other doctors. I have good days and bad days-but I have to say that Dr. Bob (Berry) gave me my life back. Within a year I went camping with my family and slept on an air mattress in a tent; something I could not have done without his help. At the time I had 2 curves in my neck going the wrong way-which explained all of my pain. I was told by one doctor I had to “just live this way”-and at 33 I just couldn’t accept that. Luckily no one would do surgery on me…that in itself is a blessing looking back. After 7 years I know when I have over done-or what I can and can’t do. But I walk upright and haven’t had the buzzing in my head or the numbness in my thighs. I am able to pour candles-although some days are tougher than others. But I Thank you Dr. Bob for giving me my life back. So I want to share a great article that I got from his office. His website is
10 Great Reasons to Have Surgery:
10. My insurance covers it.
9. Everyone is doing it.
8. The Doctor said God just threw in any extra part.
7. It hurt so I figured, “Hey, just cut it out”.
6. My mother-in-law said her aunt had good results and the guy at work who makes the coffee said it worked for him, and he makes good coffee.”
5. Going to the Chiropractor takes too long.
4. I’ll never have to worry about trouble with that part again.
3. Scars make me look like Rambo.
2. My doctor said I have to…..
1. And besides, my Doctor just bought new golf clubs and he really needs the money.

Everyone wants to be well. You can cut out the ailing part of take enough medication to not feel the symptoms of illness and if you are lucky feel less bad quickly, for a while.
We live in an instant gratification society. Fast food, instant coffee, and instant relief. However, if you want to be well it takes commitment and time. You will also have to pay the price.
1. You will have to spend some time. When you have pain or illness, it did not take place over night. Pain, sicknes, and disease is a process of time. Getting well and truly healing is a process of time.
2. You will have to spend some money. If you buy a diamond ring for 5 dollars then you just bought a ring worth five dollars. Its a fact.
3. You may have to endure some pain and suffering. While getting well God’s way, naturally over time, the symptoms may not subside for a while. However, by waiting it out and toughing it out, the healing that takes place will be proper and more permanent.
Do not shortchange God by thinking you can not get well. Do not be surprised when He gets you well. By following your Chiropractor’s advice at home, avoiding dangerous drugs, and getting the amount of adjustments necessary to correct your spine and nerve system you give your body its optimum chance to get well and stay well. BE PATIENT, BE PATIENT.

Possibilities must be weighed.
Then Priorities Must be Swayed.
Then the Plans must be Layed.
And commitments must be made.
The Price must be Paid.
The timing might be delayed.
But the course must be stayed.
And the Trumpets will be played!-Robert Schuler