Interview with Elizabeth from Craft From My Heart

I would like to welcome Elizabeth as being my first blog interview. Take a minute and read about Elizabeth’s many talents and the many places she is a part of. Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to answer my questions.cfmyscreenshot1.jpg



1. What is the name of your business and your web address?

Craft From My Heart

2. How long have you been in business? Has it always been a web site or did you/do you have a store front business as well ?

Two years ago I started the website “Craft From My Heart.” Enjoying my business orientated hobby, these items you will find on my online shopping center using E-Commerce shopping I do not have a store front business,

3. When did you start your painting? Were you self taught or did you take classes of some sort?

I started painting about ten years ago. My father is a self taught artist who gave me inspiration to teach myself to paint and also study the one stroke technique of painting.

4. I noticed that you a little of everything-not just limited to country and primitive but also offer Home & Garden/Victorian/even hand painted clothing….what inspires you? All my life I have loved to challenge new styles and ideas.

With all the decorating trends I just love to try my hand at all of them.

5 Not only do you paint but I noticed other things on your web site-what other craft related hobbies do you enjoy?

I have always enjoyed making all types of crafts. I learned to sew at a young age from my Mom who made my outfits for school and the church choir. Decorating wreaths for the holidays and the seasons, creating handbags out of original cigar boxes, painting aprons and tee shirts are a number of of my other hobbies.

6. Are there any “groups” you belong to? I notice that you are a “partner” in Just Doodlin Around (I am right in that right?)-I guess it is late…-Would you like to say anything to do with that? Let people know where they can go to find information on that?

In addition I entertain another shop with my partner Sandi known as “Just Doodlin’ Around,” part of the DJ Doodle Community. Trying to find alternative ways to advertise, Sandi and I joined in a chat room with other crafters, attempting to acquire diverse ways of low cost advertising when I came up with the idea of collaborating websites in order to advertise comparable websites. After speaking further with Sandi she decided to take the idea to the next step and published “Just Doodlin’ Around.” Both Sandi and I would love to have more friendly craft related websites join us. If you would like to join our network please visit

Since I have been on the internet you can find my hand crafted items at the Country Craft Show Online:

Another Shoppe with djdoodleHeads

I am a member of ebay groups

Shabby Prim Kitschy Sisters


You can visit my blog where I have pictures of my work and often write about my family:


7. Do you have a big family and how does that incorporate in you having enough time to do all these wonderful crafts?

I have a wonderful husband and two sons that are very supportive with my work. I craft unique items on my own time mostly at night, after dinner in order to relax.


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