Well it is official….

We got the approval from OCFS (Office of Child & Family Services) for me to be able to move my business to our home we bought in August 2008. My husband does daycare in our home and the only room I could use had to be remodeled in order for me not to freeze or sweat to death. That was completed in March-but we didn’t realize they would have a problem that my room had the 2nd egress going out of it. SO…at first they told me I could NOT move in…Well I wasn’t going to accept that. So with some major talks with them we found out IF we opened a 3rd exit which was sealed off in our living room, (which equaled more money to spend) as it needed a porch, the door painted etc. Well Roger worked very hard and was able to construct a small landing and steps with railings, I painted the existing door and waa-laa…the Fire & Safety through OCFS came and inspected yesterday and gave Rog the go ahead. I was told if I didn’t hear anything by 5pm last night-I was free to go ahead and move up there. So yesterday I busily got to packing, cleaning my waxy items and today I will start hauling van loads up to our home so that I can get all settled and “back in business”. Rog made me a nice 12 foot long work area that is L shaped-with 3 foot on the smaller part of the L with a shelf that goes almost the whole length of the work area underneath. He hung my shelving from my existing work area and now I just need to get all my stuff moved. This weekend he will finish moving what I can’t by myself. My phone is set up to go active up there Tuesday-so things are moving right along. Now for the fun part of getting it all there and to fit… 🙂 But that is ok-it will help out tremendously not to have to pay some of the extra expenses I have had to deal with in this last 9 months.
I have to keep my room “locked” during daycare hours-but that is not a biggie compared to the original “No you can’t do your business in your home”…So I will deal with that.
So if I am not “right there” the next few days you know why..AND since it is all approved there is no chance of being “called” in.
I will take pictures once I am set back up. Thanks for those of you that have prayed for us during this “long haul” or what seems like a long haul this past 2 months or more.
Have a great day-and always have a dream!


What’s is your dream “garden”?

Do you garden? Whether it be vegetables or flowers I am curious of what those of you do when Spring hits…do you start with seeds inside? or plants?
Now that I have a new home-I would like to revamp some areas of the yard. I figure it may take me a few years…but I am curious of what others have done. The house came with a big pussy willow tree, lilac tree, some forsythias, poppies, tulips, some daffodils but we have almost 2 acres…so I have space, just not high “funds” for plants. So I am going to see if I work at an area at a time what I can come up with. Post your ideas! Share what you have worked at. I look forward to reading it…
Until next time! Spring is almost here I think!

Attitude of Gratitude Award from House of Raquel….

I want to Thank Raquel of House of Raquel for nominating me for the “Attitude of Gratitude Award”. Although I have never met Raquel in person I feel like I have known her all of my life. So Thank You Raquel!
My nominees for this award that I have never physically met but enjoy the time I get to network and chat/email with are:

Crystal Martin of The Cinnamon Hollow

Pansy of A Diva’s Hammer

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I appreciate each and everyone of these people for the hard work that they do and giving of themselves for others!

The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude
3. Link to your nominees within your post
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they’ve received this award
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award. Tell us how you’ve come to have an attitude of gratitude.

Spring is in the Air….

With that being said while you are waiting for the flowers to bloom why not grab a few candles from your favorite candle maker? We have Lilac, Tulips, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, or is Fresh Cut Grass up your alley?…. We also have some new scents like Island Baby which is a combination of baby powder and plumeria…For those that love the islands we have Pineapple Paradise, Pineapple Gardenia, Tropic Breeze…then there is Freesia, Clover or Summer Dreamin’…
More or less many scents to choose from in 3 sizes (8,12, & 16oz)…

So stop on by…We also have those scents in melts ! for those that do not like to burn a candle…

Just visit: http://www.cntrykeepsakes.com
Til Next Time…

Looking Back to March 17, 1991

Well I can’t actually believe tomorrow is 18 years since I had my oldest! Although there are times when it has seemed like forever ago~ I can easily go back and remember all the feelings I felt and what I was thinking. He was due March 10th and arrived March 17 weighing 8′ 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. He had blonde hair and little blue eyes…and I was just amazed, scared, but amazed. My parents were able to make it to his birth as we were 3 hours away but my water broke at 4:30a.m. ( I actually thought I had wet the bed.) I didn’t have him until 7:55pm that night and it was a Sunday. He was my only “natural” birth~and being a “new” Mom…I never thought I would make it this far…lol… He is a great kid, my challenge, but great all the same. His views and mine are opposite, and I struggled with this for such a long time until a few years ago he looked right at me and said-“Mom, we aren’t the same, you care what people think, I don’t”…gosh that summed it up all in 1 heated sentence….and since then I take it for what it is worth. He is his own person, but at the same time he tells me everything…sometimes the things I don’t want to know. But in that same instance I know I have done a good job this far. He is now a Senior…and we are hoping that all goes well and he will finally be done with school…He is an athlete, he has played soccer, football, baseball and even wrestled. He is a natural when it comes to sports that he tries. Years ago when he turned 12 he had a size 12 foot, and then at 13 a 13, at 14 a 14…luckily that finally stopped as he is now 6’1 and 178 pounds..with a size 14 shoe…We laughed the year he decided to be in chorus so he could go to a waterpark, as his feet hung off the risers. Then come to find out he thought he would miss a day of school, only to find out the trip was on a Saturday, and during Turkey season no less. I am proud of him, love him to pieces, don’t always understand him but he is mine, my oldest….my “trial run” so to speak. Looking back there are things I would have done different, but isn’t that the way? We don’t get a second chance…just the ability to always “try” to do better by them…There is a part of me that is sad, sad that my little baby boy is now “just about a grown-up”, but also happy that a lot of that “tough” growing up is behind us. He is my St. Patrick’s Day baby…with a name that suits it “Aaron Michael”….and although he is a man now…he will always be my first…and always be my baby boy.Aaron holding the signAaron is the one holding the sign.

Log Cabin Antiques & Gifts~A spotlight on one of my retailers.


One of my customers was so gracious to give me a testimonial for my newsletter, so in turn I wanted to mention her store on my blog as I just love it! This is what she said:

Log Cabin Antiques is a small antique store offering rustic and primitive antiques. We also have a line of country gift items. Before opening in Oct. 2006, I was looking for a nice country candle supplier. I found Country Keepsakes online and ordered some candles to try. This was one of the best decisions I have made! Even when a customer doesn’t find anything in the antique section, they will often buy a candle, either for themselves or a gift. I have many customers who come in just to purchase another candle in their favorite scent. The packaging has a great country look too that fits right in with my log cabin decor!
I also love to decorate seasonally and am very pleased that Country Keepsakes offers so many different seasonal scents. I have ordered Jelly Bean for Easter, and Cupid for Valentine’s day, etc., and they just add to my displays in a special way.
The candles are wonderfully scented, the jars are virtually soot free, and very reasonably priced. Becky is wonderful to work with and her customer service is outstanding, she is both professional and personable at the same time. She feels like a cherished, and comfortable friend! I highly recommend offering Country Keepsakes to your customers, you will be glad you did!
Lynn Coolen-Log Cabin Antiques

Lynn is a great person. She has been with me since I took over~and really started before that with my sister. She shows her appreciation by sending me Christmas cards, or notes to let me know her ordered arrived safely. I have listed her blog on here, and am including 2 pictures…but you have to visit her blog to get the feel Log Cabin Antiques
If you are in the Kingston NH area…you will have to stop by…here is directions… Welcome to Log Cabin Antiques! We are located off the Plains (or Common area) in Kingston, NH. At Rick’s Cafe and Grille, turn onto Bartlett Street. Look for our sign and flag halfway up on the right. Hours are Thursday through Sunday 10-5. Log Cabin Antiques-21 Bartlett Street, Kingston, NH 603-642-4943 Stop in soon for a visit! I can ship small items if you see something you like! Call me at 603-642-4943 Thurs-Sun 10-5 or email any questions to logcabinantiquesgifts@yahoo.com
Thank You Lynn for taking the time to write such a nice testimonial.
Visit her blog, and leave her a note that you were there….Or leave a comment here and I will pass it on to her…

March & Snow?

Yesterday we had mid 50’s…with a cool wind..which was nice. This morning I wake up to about 1 inch of accumulation…I thought we were in March..not October…it is about 25 degrees here in Watkins Glen and I have had it with the winter winds and blowing snow…I am hoping this is the last of it. I have included a picture…
I am busily working and trying to keep warm…but I am sure before I know it-we will be in the 70’s…at least I am hoping.
Here is to So Happy Its Thursday…

Until next time….