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2009 Here We Come!

I have to admit I have dreaded today~all weekend. The kids going back to school, the schedule, the busy-ness. But then it occurred to me, if time didn’t move then where would we be? Stuck. I don’t know about you but I know that half the dreading was in my head. Once I get myself up, ready and out the door I realize the dreading wasn’t worth it. I play that “game” in my head. Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts, then a negative thought comes in and destroys it. Well I have decided that I am going to embrace each day~feel appreciative of what I do have and try to concentrate less on what I don’t have.
Take for instance our washer & dryer. It came with the house, no one knows how long it will last us. I thought for sure New Years Eve day I had over loaded the washer and it was gone forever. But it wasn’t thankfully. Then a few days later we ran out of propane. But they came and filled it so I was back in business this weekend. How Thankful I am for clean clothes. It sounds small when there are larger things, but heck, clean clothes are a major deal. Especially with 3 kids. So I am Thankful for each load I put in dirty, and each one that comes out dry and clean….its the little things we take for granted in life that we need to be Thankful for. So yes today I am Thankful for my clean clothes, my healthy kids, my warm home and a loving husband. I am Thankful that I have been given another day~and I look forward to 2009 for all it has to offer. BIG and small.
What are you Thankful for today? How have you been blessed? Even the smallest thing as clean laundry is something to rejoice about. Have a great day and just try and be Thankful!


GOALS~I Will Share Mine, if….

Goals…Do you have them? I am not sure why but every year since I started my business(es) come December I am already trying to think what the coming years goals will be. Last year my goal was to build my businesses. I am happy to say I reached that goal by doubling last years sales in October/November of this year. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I first saw the figures and believe me I am by no means living the high life…lol…but it was exciting in an economy that is struggling to see that my sales had more than doubled. Now you wonder what are next years goals? Well I haven’t totally mapped them out yet but one thing I know for sure is my #1 goal is to double this years sales in 2009. I would like to work smarter, not harder to accomplish a bigger business. Another goal I have been working toward is to have at least 1 store per state that is ordering from me either monthly or every few weeks.
I sat down the other night and started mapping out how many stores I have in each state that I do have. Then I have to look at those stores and see who is actually repeating their business on a consistent basis and who possibly ordered once and hasn’t since. I need to get post cards out to stores in the areas that I haven’t had orders from. See if I can’t add more stores to the line up of states I currently have. Eventually I would like a directory of where people can find the candles that I make.
So those are just a few of the goals I have in mind. What are your goals? I would love you to post a comment on this post letting me know your goals. Sometimes when business people get together and express their hopes, dreams, desires & yes GOALS…you not only hold yourself accountable to someone else-but you make a realization on where you would like to be headed AND you can look back at this post next year in the archives and say YES that was what I said and I DID IT….
I look forward to hearing from you and to share in your GOALS for 2009…